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Used Hybrid from Toyota

The award winning Used Toyota Prius Hybrid

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How do used hybrid vehicles work?

Hybrids vehicles combine the advantage of gasoline engines and electric motors. The key areas for efficiency or performance gains are regenerative braking, dual power sources, and less idling.

  • Regenerate Braking.
    • The drivetrain can be used to convert kinetic energy (from the moving car) into stored electrical energy (batteries). The same electric motor that powers the drivetrain is used to resist the motion of the drivetrain. This applied resistance from the electric motor causes the wheel to slow down and simultaneously recharge the batteries.
  • Dual Power.
    • Power can come from either the engine, motor or both depending on driving circumstances. Additional power to assist the engine in accelerating or climbing might be provided by the electric motor. Or more commonly, a smaller electric motor provides all of the power for low-speed driving conditions and is augmented by the engine at higher speeds.
  • Automatic Start/Shutoff.
    • It automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarts it when the accelerator is pressed down. This automation is much simpler with an electric motor. Also see dual power above.

The top five selling Used Hybrid Vehicles in America include;

  1. Used Toyota Prius Hybrid
    • Prius Sedan
    • Prius V (Wagon)
    • Prius C “C” for City
  2. Toyota RAV4 SUV Used Hybrid
  3. Used Ford Fusion Hybrid
  4. Ford C-Max Used Hybrid
  5. Hyundai Sonata Blue